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At Atwal Financial we are invested in people and their journeys so we like to engage not just on a business level but also to learn more about what piques their interests, what motivates them, and what their endeavours and visions are.

This article is second in the series of our engagement with our clients which began with a wine-tasting webinar. Not only are we in the business of investments but we are ostensibly invested in the business of people.


Being a lifelong golf enthusiast, I have tried to hone my skill in the game since I was a toddler. I was born and raised in the UK where I began playing with numerous golf courses on my doorstep. When my work took me to Tokyo and then Singapore, golf was not so easily accessible even though the game is quite popular. However, it didn't stop me from me playing as often as I could; it just required a lot more coordination.

I have now been living in Delhi for the last 8 years and because of the hot climate, my willingness to play had taken a back seat. The heat is not so conducive to a regular schedule of rounds but I have tried to play as much as I can, if not at the Qutub golf course then on the odd occasion, an invitation to play at the Delhi Golf Club.


“Qutub Golf Course, Lado Saria"


"1st Tee steps at Qutub Golf Course"

When the time came to focus on breaking a 100 (haven't done that in years!) I started with my golf clubs and realised that they needed re-gripping but where do I possibly go to in Delhi to get that done? After asking other players on the course, it became clear there was only one man for the job, Sundeep Verma.

So I took my clubs and went to Sundeep's golf studio at Lado Sarai (yes there is one!) which is called ‘Chimmys'. I'm pretty sure if you are a golfer in Delhi you will know this already. His tryst with golf spans from being an amateur player to turning professional as well as working for the likes of Titleist and Ping.

Sundeep was super helpful in choosing the right grips with some added tips while I hit a few balls in his studio (yes, he has net set up where you can do that!). After sharing some humorous banter regarding the price (u-hum), I wondered how he ended up at the epicentre of golf in Delhi? I was also interested to find out more about golf in Delhi and India generally.

What was planned as a trip to get my clubs re-gripped, turned into an hour-long conversation with several takeaways on how the sport is perceived and played in India.

Sundeep keeps very busy running "Chimmys" golf studio, as well as a Golf Academy, and a foundation named "Ultimate Foundation”. If that was not enough, he also manages the club house shop at the Qutub Golf Course and a coffee shop at the newly refrubished driving range.




"Sundeep with one of his students"

Sundeep has been in the golf business for many years and he is well-known in the golfing fraternity and boasts of friendships with the royals of golf in India! He is an A-level golf teaching professional which is the highest level in the country and has students who compete all around the world.

Sundeep is the only golf coach in the country to have been at the Olympics, has coached on every major professional golf tour on the planet, and to add, he also travels with the Indian golf team as the coach for various international golf tournaments.

Well then, it looks like the future of golf in Delhi seems to be heading in the right direction. The game is fast becoming more popular and accessible. Sundeep's studio did an outstanding job with the new grips and I highly recommend paying his studio a visit, whatever level of golf you are at.

Atwal Financial’s association with golf in Delhi, as well as Chimmys and the Ultimate Golf Foundation, have shared interests, bringing out the best in people and their communities.

Sadly, even after my clubs were ready to take my personal golfing journey to the next level, I am still regrettably nowhere close to breaking a 100. Maybe it's my shoes.

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