Regulations • What you need to know

Your Location

Atwal Financial LTD (UK) provides administrative support for its clients, advisers and partners. Additionally, we offer business solutions India and UK India business support services.

Atwal Financial LTD does not offer financial planning advice within the UK. We do not provide financial advice in or from the UK as we are not regulated to do so by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Atwal Financial LLP (Global) provides financial planning advice globally for non-UK residents. Our advisers and partners are individually authorised and regulated by their local authorities.

Staying Compliant

Our responsibility is to ensure that our advisers, partners, product and service providers remain compliant at all times.

We do this by carrying out extensive due diligence through a yearly audit. Training and development for our advisers and partners is also managed by us.

Our business support services India is committed to fair employment practices when hiring talent in India for overseas clients. We adhere to national and local state rules and provide transparency of employee rights, salary and the fees we charge.

We are committed to treating our customers, employees and partners fairly at all times.

Complaints Procedure

If you wish to complain about our services or your product or service provider, please email We will send an acknowledgement within 24 hours. If required, complaints will be handled by the relevant Ombudsman to help resolve your concerns.

Initial discussions and reports are free of charge so contact us