Our experienced advisers and partners will help you manage your financial health.

Performance is typically dictated by the investment managers that are selected to manage your money. Depending on your attitude to risk, time profile and targeted returns, allows us to select from the following:

Leading fund companies

Investment choice is through a wide range of top-performing funds.

Our Financial Strategists have access to information from a wide range of fund management groups and select the right managers that best fit your profile and objectives.

Do it yourself

You have the freedom to make your own investment decisions if you so choose. The entire fund universe is available as well as the investment freedom to build a diverse portfolio from equities, fixed interest securities, cash instruments, structured notes and collective investment schemes to name a few.

As you can buy/sell and switch at any time means that you can make your own decisions on how your money is invested and adjust the balance whenever you choose.

Portfolio Manager

We can also appoint a discretionary portfolio manager who will independently manage a portfolio following the needs of the investor. Our appointed portfolio manager will use his judgement of the investment environment to allocate investors' money typically between global equities, bonds and cash to provide consistent investment growth.

Model Portfolios

Another option would be to follow a model portfolio that is designed to fit your objectives such as your risk-return attitude and range generally from a defensive, balanced and aggressive position. The model can be adjusted to reflect your on-going needs.

Please contact us for specific information regarding our Investment Managers, Portfolio Managers and model portfolios.

Our Team

Our experienced advisers and partners possess a wide range of skills within global markets.

This allows us to manage your portfolio wherever it may be located and within most structures.

The available technology means you have secure online access to valuations and performances. We stay connected with our clients through multiple platforms so you don't miss a thing. Client servicing is the cornerstone of our success.