Sapna Tiwari • Regulated QROPS Investment Adviser

QROPS Regulatory Changes

There have been significant changes in the regulatory requirements that a QROPS pension investment adviser needs to implement to continue to give advice.

With this in mind, we have appointed Sapna Tiwari, a Financial Planning Trainer, Certified Financial Planner & SEBI Registered Investment Advisor (India) as Portfolio & Compliance Manager.

After many months of due diligence carried out by the Pension Trustees that we work with, Sapna's impressive credentials have been approved and accepted. Her appointment will allow us to continue with our advisory services for all of our QROPS pension clients.

Sapna’s Background

She has more than ten years of experience in the training industry and in addition to the above qualifications, she holds a post-graduate in Economic Administration Financial Management and is a Licentiate member (LIII) of Insurance Institute of India. She also holds National Stock Exchange certifications in equity markets, derivatives markets & mutual funds as well.

She is an associate founding member of the portal dedicated to enlighten and educate women in financial planning

Besides working as a trainer for personal finance, she is also the author of some of the popular educational books like ‘Securities Laws & Compliances', ‘Easy Approach to Tax Laws’ & ‘Solved Scanner for Direct Taxes’.

Numerous contributions have been made by her in the field of finance included through a range of articles. One can find her writings on common finance portals like Myiris, Investmentyogi & Thecompletewoman on common topics affecting us all.

Sapna’s writing is mainly focussed on presenting finance in simple common language so that even non-finance readers can understand and relate. This has made her articles and books quite popular with the masses.

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