Shivang Sharma, setting new client servicing standards in India

Always deliver more than expected

Ranjit is from the UK and the founding Director of Atwal Financial and has made New Delhi his home since 2013. Previously he lived in Tokyo and Singapore and continues to work with many clients from around the world.

He places great importance on client servicing that led him to create a select global team of associates, investment and business advisers.

He regularly coordinates with his team to deliver financial planning & business solutions at the highest standards.

Clients with previous service providers had expressed concerns about poor response times to emails and phone calls on top of mismanaged goals. A lack of communication was the main reason why those clients then chose to work with us.

Our service standards include returning all missed calls and replying to emails within 24 hours without fail.

Expect more, deserve more.

Ranjit's background

Ranjit has held senior positions within the UK financial & banking industry since 1991 which include postings at Commercial Union, Royal Liver and Australian Mutual Provident.

The award from the Chartered Institute of Bankers in May 1995 and his Financial Planning Certificate from the Chartered Insurance Institute in August 1997 demonstrates his years of experience.

He is also registered & authorised by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDA) & the Pension Fund Regulatory and Development of India (PFRDA) & the Association of Mutual Funds India (AMFI).

He continues to develop his understanding of the ever-changing financial landscape with regular updates via his Financial Planning Paperas well as continuous professional development (CPD) with Financial Times Adviser .