Your Protection • What you need to know

Your Money

Atwal Financial and its partners provide financial planning & business solutions and advise on plans, products and services in line with our client's objectives.

At no stage does Atwal Financial or any of its advisers or partners receive or handle directly any client money or money that has been earmarked for investment.

Atwal Financial and its advisers and partners are not permitted or regulated to handle client money directly which helps to protect you. We act within the rules of the local regulator at all times, wherever that may be.

Your Security

Atwal Financial and its advisers and partners prioritise product and service providers located in highly-regulated jurisdictions that offer tax efficiency, political & financial stability and investor protection.

Our recommendations will determine what kind of investor protection exists that varies depending on location.

We carry out extensive due diligence and rely on the integrity of the information given by product and service providers.

We are committed to treating customers, employees and partners fairly at all times.

Your Data

We collect sensitive information from our clients so we can provide suitable recommendations. We are committed to ensuring the protection of all personal information. We will only share your information if you specifically ask us to do so.

Initial discussions and reports are free of charge so contact us