Where your plan, product or service is situated in these economically turbulent times is very important. You should also consider where you current Asset is located in relation to your residency, nationality and future plans.

We have seen, for example, the seizure of funds in bank accounts by local governments such as Cyprus and the failure of banks in several countries.

The Governments of the world are struggling fiscally and some are broke. They may need your assets to make themselves solvent. We live in a world where sovereignty, privacy and individuality are under attack.

The right to privacy is more than an abstract necessity, it is also a psychological necessity.

In order to consider the right location and structure best suited for your plan, product or service you may require specialist advice. Structures such as offshore companies, trusts or QROPS may need to be considered.

This is also applicable when transferring your assets away from your country of origin and residency.

Jurisdictions that are highly regulated, tax efficient, politically & financially stable and with investor protection is vitally important to our clients and is recommended at all times.

In most cases, the government of your place of residency and nationality will not have jurisdiction overseas and therefore you increase your level of protection.

Now is the time to protect your wealth and family by considering where best to domicile your assets and how.