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India Desk International provides remote assistance & representation services for private clients worldwide.

We have helped our clients, who are both individuals and businesses, to meet a diverse range of objectives in India. From company incorporation & Directorship services to investments - no one client is the same.

This is done by managing your objectives via our team and associates. We then manage all of the arrangements to successful conclusions by leveraging our professionalism and experience.

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Anna Pinilla

- Cross-border Consultant


Intercultural relations specialist between Europe & India. Expert in the culture of Indian business, religion and tradition.

+34 64-816-6620

The rules and procedures in India are complex, daunting and incredibly difficult to navigate through.

It is, therefore, imperative to have someone who speaks your language clearly in terms of what is needed with service standards you expect. It is notoriously difficult to deal directly with service providers in India.

Rules and regulations are constantly changing in India and our team, who possess a broad range of experiences, is well positioned to answer your queries.

India is projected to be the second biggest economy by 2028 which higlights the benefits of investing in India.

It also has positive demographics with its youthful, educated, and growing workforce that should help support its economic growth.

Your bridge to India starts by gaining valuable inputs from our Cross-border Consultant Anna Pinilla who is a specialist in Indian business, culture and traditions.


Wherever you may be based, talk to Anna first and see how she can help with your objectives. The India Desk International provides a hands-on approach and acts as your local, on-the-ground support partner in India with advisers & associates based in the cities below.

The India Desk | New Delhi | Mumbai | Goa | Bangalore | Kolkata +91 837-392-9038

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