I have been working with Ranjit of Atwal Financial for many years... since 2005 when I was at Morgan Stanley Japan. In our first few meetings he has established the trust... & I have always truly relied on him for his (investment) recommendations. He is professional & efficient... always keeps me updated on my financial plans. His India Desk has also offered valuable remote assistance with me dealings in India since I have been US based. I would be happy to recommend him to anyone looking for a financial adviser.

Raja Ghosh,
Morgan Stanley USA, Vice President
September 2018

I have used Atwal Financial as my advisers since the early 2000's when I was working and living in Tokyo as an Executive Director with Morgan Stanley and still continue to do now that I am in the UK

Robert MacDermott,
Previously with Morgan Stanley Japan
August 2018

The India Desk of Atwal Financial advised me about the requirements for a cross-border telegraphic transfer from India to the UK. As I am based in Oslo, it was vitally important that I appointed someone who is knowledgeable in the nuances of NRE and NRO accounts, which belong to my parents. Also relevant was taxation and the different rules depending on the involved parties tax jurisdictions. I appointed The India Desk for remote assistance and they meticulously guided me through the transfer forms as well as collecting all relevant documentation to make the process hassle-free, which was reassuring as I am in Oslo. I have no hesitation in offering this recommendation.

Dr Shelley M Khullar Godtfredsen,
FDSRCS MsC. Ph.D/dr.Odont, Specialist in Oral Surgery (UK & Norway)
March 2018

I have found Atwal Financial to provide an efficient, professional and reliable service. After 4 years receiving their advice and financial guidance I would not hesitate to recommend their services.

Richard McCallum,
Managing Director UK India Business Council, New Delhi
November 2017

" I am please to recommend Rajiv (Financial Strategist) and the services of Atwal Financial’s The India Desk. They have put together a hard working, lean and efficient portfolio of funds within my QROPS Trust. My previous adviser had little knowledge about how to handle my overseas pension and I was bounced from one adviser to the next. I am pleased, therefore, that I am now working with advisers who are knowledgeable, experienced and consistent. "

Dr Atul Prakash,
Senior Consultant Joint Replacement and Reconstructive Surgery, Tata Steel Limited
September 2017

" I would like to recommend Ranjit Atwal & Rajiv Inamdar of Atwal Financial’s The India Desk who I started working with 18 months ago, they have helped me with growing my overseas pension as well as other cross-border financial planning issues. They have proven to be professional and knowledgeable with matters related to the UK as well as reliable. "

Dr Ranjana Sharma,
Senior Consultant Apollo Hospitals
August 2017

" I am quite happy working with Ranjit Atwal & Rajiv Inamdar of Atwal Financial’s The India Desk, finally I can rely on these advisers to manage my QROPS UK pension transfers. I have no reason not to recommend them to help you. "

Dr Preeti Rastogi,
Obstetrics & Gynaecology at Fortis Memorial Research Institute Fortis Healthcare
August 2017

" I am happy to refer Ranjit Atwal & Rajiv Inamdar of Atwal Financial’s The India Desk. They have turned around the performance of my QROPS UK pension by reshuffling the funds with a focus on performance which has led to excellent results. They provide me with quarterly updates and have proven to be very professional and focused. "

Dr Gaurav Bhardwaj,
Chief Arthroscopy Knee & Hip Replacement PSRI Hospital
July 2017

" The India Desk act as my advisers for cross-border financial planning and the management of my overseas QROPS Pension arrangements. They have proven to be professional and effective in the services they offer. "

Dr Rakesh Jain,
Senior Consultant Paediatric Neurologist, Fortis Hospital, Gurugram, India.
July 2017

"I am very pleased to recommend Ranjit Atwal as a great financial advisor. Ranjit came to me during my 4 years of living in New Delhi and got me into thoughts of managing my finances for the future. He is extremely knowledgeable and punctual person and I am very happy to continue trusting him even now from the USA. Thank you Ranjit for all your professional work. Keep it up! "

David Chmel,
Vice President of Operations at BTL Industries Inc. New Delhi
January 2017

" This is from my parents who don’t have Facebook: Ranjit Atwal at the India Desk has been extremely knowledgeable and helpful. We can highly recommend him, particularly to any UK expats looking for good financial advice. "

Chloe Orlando,
August 2016

" When my previous consultant, a reputed 'big player' in the financial services market, totally screwed up and turned out to be not the least interested in my concerns, i came to know about Ranjit and requested him to help restructure my portfolio. He did so with great professionalism and expertise and without gaining anything out of the situation. I highly appreciate his help and ongoing consultancy, and i can highly recommend anybody to work with him. Continue your good work, Ranjit "

Former long-term expat to India
August 2016, Via

" To Whome It May Concern:
I hereby recommend Ranjit Atwal as personal financial consultannt. Ranjit contacted me when I was working as the MD for Volvo Cars in India in November 2014. Ranjit came to visit me in my office and with in 2 days, Ranjit had very clearly outlined my financial situation at the time and how it would look like in the coming years. Ranjit has assisted me in understanding the importance of long term financial planning. He is a very honest and always has the customer first interest in hand. Since I have started my long term plan with Ranjit he has constantly come back to me informing me of how my plan is progressing and giving advice of how best to preceed. Future financial planning is a must and Ranjit is the person who can assist you with your personal planning.
Best regards"

Tomas Ernberg,
Former MD Volvo Cars India
November 2016, Via