There are a number of ways that wealth can be created or obtained. It is vitally important therefore you choose carefully how you decide to build and compliment your plans.

As your intermdediary, it is our responsibility to put into action the plan, product or service that has been selected. This takes place after you have established and conveyed to us, your objectives and goals.

We specialize in sourcing plans, products and services that are based internationally, outside of our client's country of origin and residency. The solutions we present are mostly not accessible without our help and offer greater diversity and advantages than domestic options. We have delivered services from a range of providers which include major European-based financial companies. We also work with Indian based financial companies through our India Desk.

Under no circumstances do we ever handle clients' money and Atwal Financial is free to choose from the marketplace any plan, product or service that will help you to fulfil your goals.


In addition to our bespoke service, we specialize in sourcing properties mainly in the United Kingdom with an emphasis on greater London.

For any property transaction, we will act as your intermediary and assist you in all aspects until completion.

In order to maximize the efficiency of any transaction, you may require specialist advice on matters such as property location versus your current place of residency and any subsequent reporting requirements in relation to tax.


Clients investing a lump sum or on a regular basis will often utilize an international wrapper or brokerage account. These platforms will allow you to buy and sell almost any type of asset. We act as the intermediary for the purpose of purchasing such assets on behalf of the investor.

We will provide you with access to information from a variety of fund management groups, both traditional and alternative. We, can of course, assist you in deciding what best fits your profile and objectives.

You will have complete control over your investments and have access to your investment information on-line.

In order to maximize the efficiency of any transaction, you may require specialist advice on matters such as tax optimization