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2018 Equity Market Review

2018 was not a good year for the stock market. Since the beginning of the year, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has lost about 10 percent of its value, as did the S&P 500. The Nasdaq dropped roughly 8 percent. Worldwide stock markets including Europe and Emerging markets also have suffered losses in 2018. The Shanghai Stock… more

Open your Monexo lender account now

At Atwal Financial, we constantly endeavour to introduce new, cutting edge and rewarding investment products for our clients. In this effort, we have partnered with Monexo – India’s leading, RBI regulated Peer to Peer lending (“P2P lending”) platform. So, what is Peer to Peer lending ? Peer to Peer lending is a new age innovation in finance… more

SiliconIndia : 10 Most Promising Financial Consultants – 2018

Atwal Financial | The India Desk Cross-Border Financial Planning Experts We live in a highly globalized world today, where it is commonplace for professionals to move across international borders for work. With the number of expatriates and returning non-resident Indians growing higher than ever, financial planning and investments have also crossed boundaries and become glob- al. As… more

Atwal Financial has been shortlisted among Top 10 Most Promising Financial Consultants

Greetings from Siliconindia Consultants Magazine! I am Malay from Siliconindia Consultants Magazine and I am glad to inform you that we are coming up with our Annual Edition on “Financial Consultants”. As part of this feature our editorial team will honour “Top 10 Most Promising Financial Consultants”. Apart from this the magazine will also have regular feature… more

Build a Bright and more Secure Future with Best and Effective Asset Management

Every individual wishes to secure their assets for a lifetime and for their beneficiaries and also look to maximise their income. However, not every person possesses the essential knowledge or skill required for effective asset management. Thus, this is the time when individuals look toward the asset management companies because these firms have in depth knowledge of… more

Expert financial advisors make overseas property investment a safe and lucrative deal

Investment is the best way to grow bank balance as well as to have financial security. It also boosts the person with immense confidence and self-assurance. Nowadays there are several investment options available but people mostly prefer putting their money on property investment and especially on overseas property. High returns and good investment options are nowadays encouraging… more